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Student Leadership

Activities, support files, etc., for all students at College and Career Readiness programs. Feel free to check them all.

“Love the activities!!” [ Anonymous student 8) ]

Technology Integration

Links, activities, support files, etc., and anything that has to do with the use of technology in education.

ESL Class

This is where I maintain the files, assignments, etc., of all my ESL classes, past and present.

“Nice class!” [ Another anonymous student 8) ]

Other pages

BASIS is a pilot project we were developing for Basic Skills.
Basic Skills links are useful for teachers and students, as well as the Distance Learning section.
Accredited Colleges Resources: Ensure that you get the most out of your college education. Look through our resource articles for tips on studying, writing, and research, as well as guidelines on the non-academic aspects of earning your degree, such as transferring credits and financial aid.