ESL Class: Computer Literacy & ESL Software

Computer Literacy

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Class Resources

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ESL Software

Mobile Apps (Android)

Here are a few apps for any Android phone. Use the search button of the Android Play store to download these to your phone, free.

Web Dictionaries. An english dictionary and a few bilingual dictionaries.
USA Today. Read current news stories.
Time Mobile. Read articles on many topics.
FBReader. A very good ebook reader.
Crossword Light. A good word puzzle.
Grammar Games Lite! A game using English grammar topics: Idioms, Common Misspellings, Irregular verbs, Verb Prepositions, Proverbs, Synonyms.


With text-to-speech software, you can type or paste any text, and the program will read it aloud for you. These programs require you have at least one voice installed in your Windows system. I have used the first two a lot, the others only one or two times. All of them are completely free, or have a free version besides the commercial one.

Natural Reader
Language reader

Linux users normally can get text-to-speech programs from their distribution repositories, like Festival or espeak. I particularly like espeak.

“This is awesome software!” [ Same anonymous student 8) ]