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What is this?

ESL Classes are the web pages where my students have access to extra resources.

Current class is ECC6011-54, Spring 2017 (2nd 8-week period), level 5.

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“This is a great class!” [ Anonymous student ]



·         All students are expected to be in class on time on this day.  Students cannot be late.  Since the CASAS Listening Test is a recording, students cannot enter after the audio has started.


·         We are required to pre-test all current students with the CASAS Listening test in preparation for the transition from CASAS Reading to CASAS Listening based placement.


·         Students who do not take the CASAS Listening Pre-test will not be allowed to register for next semester until they have taken the test.


·         Make sure all students know their student ID #.  When they are given the testing answer sheet, they will need to write their name, student ID, and the date.



What will happen on test day?


·         Students will take 2 tests.  The CASAS Listening Appraisal (30 minutes) and the CASAS Listening Pre-test (approximately 1 hour).  Both tests need to be taken on the same day.


·         The CASAS Appraisal will be given in the Auditorium classroom (108).  All students from lab and classes will meet there and take the test together.  (Lab instructors should inform students that students need to come at one of the specific times listed below.)


·         After the test, Hoa and I will score the CASAS Appraisal for each student.  They will be sent to a specific room based on the level of test that they will take (Level A, Level B, or Level C).  See schedule below.


·         Instructors will be asked to administer a specified Listening test level in their classroom.  (More details to follow….)





6:00 classes

7:00-7:10              All Students (lab and class) seated in Auditorium Classroom 108

                                Test Instructions/Fill out answer sheet

7:10- 7:40             CASAS Listening Appraisal 

7:40 – 8:00           Students move to classrooms

                                Level A – Room 303 (Sarah will administer)

                                Level B – Room 108 (Pedro will administer)

                                Level C – Room 116 (Christine will administer)

8:00-9:00             CASAS Listening Pre-test  (no students admitted after the audio starts)